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Fulkerson - Stevenson Funeral Home

Evelyn Kjosen
8.17.1936 - October 3, 2017

Residence: White Earth, North Dakota

C'Dale (Jenner McBride) Jore (Williston, ND)
Oct 16, 2017
I am so sorry to hear of losing both Merrell & Evelyn! I never saw Merrell's obit in the Williston paper. I saw Evelyn's and was waiting for a full obit and never saw it! I would have been there for the funeral! They were dear friends of my parents and Tom & I also square danced with them. Most recently we would see them at the Old Time dance in Alex during Old Settlers. After my dad (Harry Jenner) died we had mom (Mavis Jenner) with us one time. Mom had her arm in a cast and the chemo had wrecked her bones so she'd also had a broken hip. That was when Evelyn was having leg problems from Lipitor so she couldn't dance. I danced with him a lot because my hubby (Phil) was playing accordion in the band. Mom loved to dance so Merrell took my mom & danced with her! She said she couldn't any longer, he said "Yes, you can!" and they danced! What a sweet man! I have missed them since I lost them. My Christmas cards started coming back. I later sent them to Stanley but don't know if they got them or not. Great people! I didn't know they were childless. It is good people like them who should've been populating our world :-( I miss them & my parents so much! With our sympathy, C'Dale & Phil