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Fulkerson - Stevenson Funeral Home

Arnold G. Dige
4.13.1926 - December 3, 2017

Place of Birth: Sidney, Montana
Residence: Sidney, Montana
Age: 91

Janet Atchison (Helena, MT)
Dec 5, 2017
My prayers go out to the entire Arnold Dige family. Sad to hear about your loss.
Dec 5, 2017
Sorry to hear about thoughts and prayers are with all the family
Kathy (Hanna) Wachter (Bismarck , ND)
Dec 7, 2017
Dige Family—
Please accept my sincere condolences on the death of your dear husband and Dad. He was a kind, caring man. I feel fortunate to have known him. He will be missed.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Sheila Broyhill (Zahl, NORTH DAKOTA)
Dec 7, 2017
! Corinthians 15:26 contains God's promise that "the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing." That is something to really look forward to. In the meantime, we are comforted by the promise of the resurrection. I am so sorry for your loss.
Emily (Kuylen) Hoff (Sidney)
Dec 7, 2017
Having just lost my Dad a few weeks back, I know the hurt in your hearts, we are never ready for our parents to leave us! Hug your Mom tight, she will need you, and you will all need each other, my hugs and prayers to all of you.
Sharon Larsen Torgerson (Woodburn, OR)
Dec 7, 2017
Dear Adeline and cousins - You are on my mind so much. I know you have anticipated this loss for a long time, and now it follows on the recent homegoing of Tony. There IS a sting to physical death that cannot be evaded: And it's such good truth that death, our enemy, will be destroyed. We were not created to die: we were created to live - forever.

In the meantime, we experience that while faith does not make our journey unnecessary, it does make it possible. I don't feel as old as I am, I know - it doesn't seem so long ago that we were all in Arnold and Adeline's large home for another great family Christmas Eve.

I had fourteen uncles: Arnold was my favorite, I guess because he talked to me. He gently teased me. He tried to show me how to drive the truck down the field (to "help" him when Russell was still too young) and yes, I guess I was a little help - only he hadn't been able to teach me how to stop before driving the truck right into that small irrigation ditch, with a hard bump, at the end of the field, as he was scrambling in the back of the truck, calling instructions to this young girl that she couldn't understand.

He was always kind, and gentle, and fun. It's been such a long time for him to wait to go home. So many are waiting for us now.

Perhaps this is too long, Adeline and cousins, but please know you are tightly on my heart these days.
Scott Ziler (Sidney, MT)
Dec 8, 2017
Sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief.
Lisa Cholewinski (Prescott Valley, AZ)
Dec 8, 2017
To all of the Dige Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all on this day. We are so sorry for your loss. Love, Betty, Lisa, Abbey, Linda and Dave
Debbie Schillinger
Dec 9, 2017
Thinking of you, prayers for you all.
Wanda Webster Mitchell (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Dec 9, 2017
My sympathy to your family at the death of your father. No matter his health status or your age it is still a tremendous adjustment emotionally. Thoughts and prayers to all of you.
Charlotte Simonsen Guptill (Craig, Colorado)
Dec 10, 2017
To all of Arnold's family,
Growing up and going to church at Pella, I always remember Arnold as a very quiet, gentle man who was ALWAYS there with his family. He was a wonderful Christian influence and a good friend of my dad, Merrion Simonsen. Many times our families enjoyed visiting and coffee together. I'm sure the other Danish friends and his family were waiting with our Heavenly Father to welcome to his heavenly home. There's probably a good pot of real egg coffee brewing all the time. May your memories sustain you. Hug your mom from me. I know she must miss him immensely. With prayers, sympathy, memories and love, Charlotte
Annette Ronningen (Helena, Montana)
Dec 19, 2017
I am so sorry of your loss. He was a kind soul. Prayers for you all.