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Pamela Lynn Pederson
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1/4/2013 Dianne (Rogney) Torgerson (NewTown, ND)

Pam, I will miss you terribly. We were like kindred spirits. We found out what you had been through and the lose of her brother. I can remember hugging you and your brother with the pain. You were such a wonderful person to get to know and you brother. I will miss you Pam.

1/4/2013 Bob, Thelma, Andrea, Joshua Abbott (Grand Forks, ND)

Millie, Russ and Mike and Daniel and Caitlin and Brad and all family,

Our hearts are aching for your loss. Pam was a wonderful, caring person. We are praying for all of you for strength, comfort. We love you,

God bless all of you and comfort you at this time as no one else can.

1/5/2013 Jan Gunderson (Thompson, ND)

There is a song called I Can Only Imagine (Pam bought me the cd) and it says "Will I dance before you, Jesus, or in awe of you be still?" When Pam saw Jesus she did her skipping up and down thing...her hands spun and she smiled her Pam smile and she said "Awe, Hunney" to Him. I know this because this is what she would do when she talked to kids about Jesus. Love you all and sharing your heartbreak. Jan

1/5/2013 Kelly Felton (Wride) (Dickson, Tennessee)

I have many fond memories of Pam and will always keep them close to my heart. She will always be missed. My prayers and thoughts are with all of my family.

1/6/2013 jen J (janelle) Dipple-Lothspeich (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Seems Pam's Smile was the most (commented) topic on FB: & I added: The Best Smile is exactly right, except for it also being the most GENUINE smile ever! Pam's Smile changed many a day for me, into liveable, & for that alone I'll always be owing to her.....& now her family! Absolutely anything at all, whenever, however, forever any of you need, I Am Here For You "Daniel, Caitlin, Millie, Russ"! & my sorrow, my broken heart, my old age travelling to see Pam is going to take forever 'to believe,.... (& now my tears will not Stop.....),'to believe I will only see that smile once more when I join her!
I will miss you, Darling, Dearest Pam, forever....till we meet again, hang on to your smile" there is no other on this Earth like you, Pam! I love you, 'friends in eternity, Jen j

Pam was one of kind, irreplaceable, we all may just cry forever! My heart aches even more today......... I am trying to be thankful simply for Pam having entered my life to give me hope. Her smile & memories will be my hope now. I sware last night I felt her angel wings brush by the left side of my face, thank you God.
Jen j, Grand Forks, ND

1/7/2013 Nancy Lynn McGurran Jenson (Fisher, Minnesota)

No more tomorrow's with my dearest and best friend. 28 years of our life past so very fast. I still find it hard to believe your gone. You were my life long friend to the very end. Now I will only have memories to hold. But, Boy did we make memories that would last. We laughed, cried told secrets that we promised never to tell. We took adventures that only you could convince me to do. On my 30th birthday you took me out west the place you treasured so much. The place you said had the hand prints of God an wow what a trip it was. I remember when you were hunting an shot at the bird you scared the so bad i hit the ground, then you laughed so hard as you yelled you made me miss my bird. I could not quite figure out why you and everyone were laughing so hard as you said nan were bird hunting shooting in the air wow how we had fun. I watched you dance under the stars with your most treasured hunting partner. I could go on an on it was so much fun. I was so blessed to hane a friend like you, my Pamela Lynn. you were the best. You were the other mother to my children. You always had my back an i had yours. We gave each other a shoulder to cry on when life got rough.I wish you did not have to go Home so soon. I will try my best to not sorrow an grieve cause I know you would want me to remember the memories in our last 28 years. You were my earthly angel an now my heavenly angel. Say hello to my mama to miss her you to were the best. I'm forever grateful you left behind your most treasured gifts Daniel an Caitlin you were so blessed.We have them the closet piece of you. WE will truly miss you so much glad iI was able to come to Montana so many times this past year you blessed us lots in those 4 times we were there. Precious close memories i will always keep my dear Pamela you are my best Friend. I love an miss you. Psalms 23 the Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want. My friend and sister you are forever free, never will have pain or sorrow or need for anything again Rest in peace an do your happy dance for our lord we Love you.

1/8/2013 crystal and steve andrews (williston, nd)

My dear friend Pam, not a day goes by I don't think of you. When the sun is shining I know your smiling down on us. I miss you so much and always will. We all love you very much. Russ,Millie, Catilyn and Dan am so sorry for your lost she was absolutely the greatest woman I have ever meet.

1/8/2013 nancy (fisher)

Russel, Millie, Daniel, Caitlin, and all Pamela's brothers your all in my heart an in my prayers. I love you all.

1/8/2013 BreAnna L Jenson (Fisher, Minnesota)

I just cant seam to shake my mothers cry from my thoughts when she got the call. I miss you Pam I wish this was all a bad dream, but I know that you are in a better place and for that I am happy.
You were so much fun to be around and you had the biggest heart. All the late nights sitting up by the fire talking and joking around, going prary-dog hunting, riding through the mountains, (you scared my mom so bad she thought we were going to tip the suburban over) I remember how proud you were of me, when we got my first tattoo:). You keep telling my mom "see see! I told you I would get one of your kids to get a tattoo!"
I really could go on and on with the memory's and I wish we could make more... And one day we will :D
I'm going to light a candle for you and my grandma at my wedding I wish you could be there, it Wont be as fun without you. You were truly the life of the party. Everyone is right you had the best smile, and even when the world around you was falling apart you could still be happy. I truly admirer that about you.

You truly are one of Gods best creations and I know he smiled and laughed with you when you walked through the gates of heaven, doing your happy dance.

Love and Miss you Pam.. You were my moms best friend... I pray she will be strong tell you meet again.

1/9/2013 Jenny, Kristi and Mackenzie

If tears could build a stariway, and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

We love and miss you xoxo

1/9/2013 The Patrick's Family

So very sorry for your loss. We hope that with the passing of time, this sadness can gradually be replaced with the many happy memories you shared together. May you find comfort from God's promise to undo all 'tears, mourning, pain and even death' (Rev. 21:4). Please know that you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.

1/9/2013 Deya Cook (IL)

My prayers to your family Pam, you were a wonderful lady and you will be missed!

1/10/2013 Lisa Machovsky~~ Gutmann (Gig Harbor, Washington)

My condolences to the family. Prayers are with you all.

1/10/2013 Roger and Eleanor Machovsky (Roy, Washington)

Our condolences to the family. Our prayers are with you all.

1/10/2013 Roger (Sonny) Machovsky (Spanaway, Washington)

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

Our condolences to the family...

Thinking of you all

Roger (Sonny), Cathy, Roger (Punkins), Heather and Natacha

1/11/2013 Robert & Jane Cable (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Millie, Russ and Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with
you at this time of loss.
Our condolences to the Family.
God Bless!

1/14/2013 Kaylee Washburn (Grand Forks , North Dakota)

My condolences to the family. Pam will always have a place in mine and Jaxons heart. We shared many fun times together back yard fires, shooting sporting clays and great conversations. She helped take care of my little Jax and did and incredible job there was no one who could ever replace her. When she moved out west we were very sad but even sadder now. Brad Daniel and Caitlyn We are thinking about you and our prayers and thought are always with you.

Kaylee and Jaxon Washburn

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